Thursday, June 12, 2008

MIRF/Coat of Arms


7 - 9PM


This month, Mint&Serf team up with NYC Art Toy Brand Thunderdog Studios to release the first ever graffiti based,wall mounted, vinyl toy. Designed by MINT & SERF, this toy features a pure collaboration, merging their styles to form the iconic 'MIRF'. More of a sculpture than a toy, the 9" long MIRF is rotary molded in soft-vinyl and made in 4 color ways, each limited to 200 pieces.

The sleek sculpting of the MIRF is accentuated by it's luxurious packaging which features a slide out box, silver foil and a two sided,flocked, blister tray. East Coast (Matte) & West Coast (Glossy) editions are set to launch in June, 2008.

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A true collaborative process, that is a complete unification of a shared idea, reaches this point when egos lose them selves for a greater good and a common creative goal. For the last ten years, Mikhail Sokovikov (MINT) and Jason Wall (SERF), working side by side in countless artistic endeavors perfected and reinvented the concept of collaboration, and its creative production after five years of dedication is MIRF. Shifting public perception of vinyl collectables, fine art, design and sculpture, the collaborative team of Mint and Serf introduces the MIRF. Owning a MIRF is like possessing something that exceeds past the individual and bridges inspirations, past, present, and future.

Founded by artist Tristan Eaton in 2003, Thunderdog Studios is a New York based Creative Agency and Toy Brand cultivating art for city streets, gallery walls and everywhere in-between. Most famous for their work in 'Designer Toys', Thunderdog Studios designs and produces limited edition, fine art based product, allowing the instincts of artists to drive the product, not the other way around.

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