Monday, April 21, 2008

Why we love Ebay: Interview Mag '75 Bianca Jagger

This baby is so fragile...I was almost afraid to open it up. It's so old (33 yrs) and it's paper baby.

Aside from the coolest cover ever (I'm assuming Andy Warhol did it), it features an 8 page article, titled "The Bianca Tapes". Andy Warhol and Bob Cocello (Studio 54 owner) follow Bianca from Halston's Studio to the White House. At Halston's they have high tea with Martha Graham while Bianca trys on cute outfits from Halston. Later, a super sexy photo shoot, taken inside the White House...At the Oval Office, Bianca interviews a very handsome Jack Ford (son of then President Ford) and vice versa. They talk about everything from The Rolling Stones, to fashion (how great brown and gold look together) and Politics. They drink vodka drinks throughout the shoot-slash interview. More than a Fashion Icon/Rock Star Wife this girl is all about the POLITICS. She goes on and on....I was really impressed. Hands down she proves she's not just a pretty face. I may risk ruining this gem so I can scan this to die for!

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