Friday, May 9, 2008

New Designers at Lola y Maria: Alchemy

We've just added ALCHEMY to our roster!!!!

About Alchemy:

Established in 2007, Alchemy is a specialized design firm that takes an innovative twist on old New York style, providing fresh accents for today's discerning buyer. Alchemy products are manufactured in Como, Italy, where each piece is handcrafted in the highest European fabrications.
Alchemy's new collection of unisex scarves, sashes and pochettes boasts design inspiration from 19th century iron works. This unique line features vintage keys and padlocks, shields, swords and daggers as design elements.

A classic reinvention is the use of eagles to create a hound's-tooth effect while small sparrows strategically placed create medallions. Flowers bursting out of bombs and Colt 45 pistols coupled with daisies compliment classic designs such as paisleys, mono-colored leaf patterns and baroque florals.

The current design collection displays intricate patterns that divulge hidden objects beyond initial glance to offer the consumer an interesting accessory—not just an accessory.


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