Saturday, April 28, 2007


Babes ruled the stage on Day 1: Amy Winehouse, Peaches, Bjork and even a guest appearance by Miss Scarlett Johanssen. Many people were shocked when everyone's favorite lust provided guest vocals for the Jesus and the Mary Chain set yesterday.

Other notable performances included Interpol, Artic Monkeys (they really are like 12), Jarvis Cocker and Felix the Housecat (the rave scene hasn't changed a bit in 16 years ago. People were on that shit like crack).

Fashion Report: Great people/fashion watching in the VIP section. Lots of celeb sitings: Jessica Alba (even preetier in person in a cute peasant top), Adam Brody, Paris Hilton (wearing the most boring blue frock), Mischa Barton, and the ex-boyfriend (the one with the big balls. I'm pretty sure I also saw Britney Spears. I was tempted to pull the hat off but I'd probably get a frapuchino thrown at me.

The Dress Uniform for Girls Friday: Super Short Shorts and Playsuits (most worn with flat boots). My camera charger got left at home so no pictures yet. Getting a new one today.

Party Report: We were too tired to go to the VICEROY Armani Party, DJ'd by Greg K from Misshapes. While getting my coffee this morning I overheard one of the barstaff at the hotel say it didn't end till 5am. They are still cleaning out bottles from the pool (LOL).

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