Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pictures from last week H and M Versace collection.

Whiling we waited in line to get into the store we saw a few camels that
walked by 52nd Street.
The men's area on the 2nd floor.
People buying loads of men's clothing and accessories.
Employees undressed mannuquins for shoppers that
acted like it was Black Friday.

This woman and her mom shopped the women's room that morning.
She must have been waiting at the store almost 24 hours. Yikes!!
I wonder if any of these items went on ebay???????
Unless she was buying for all her friends plus their friends.
The women's dept.
Are appointment to shop for the women's dept wasn't until
11:45 am eventhrough we were there at 5:20am.

Just wish that H&M advertise that the biggest size would be 10.
They cleaned up every 15 mins to make the room look spotless.

I can't wait for the H&M Marni 's Consuelo Castiglioni collection
that will come out next year.

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