Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dre Day - Westside!!!!!!!

Know what time it is? Time to celebrate the bornday of Compton G, the mighty mighty D.R.E.

This is our third year of bringing West Coast chronic to NYC. Remember when we threw down last year at Santos? Or the year before at 205club? Er, yeah, we don't either. But the pictures tell us it was epic: $20 Sack Pyramids, Dre masks, "Let Me Ride" stickers, and, of course, 40s. It's been a year, we've recovered, we're ready to do it again.

So suit up: Raiders cap, flannel (buttoned son!), creased khakis, chucks. We'll bring the Cali house party, you bring the G Thang, the Dre Day DJs will lace us with all the classic cuts. Grab gin, add juice, lean back.

Where: Willamsburg Music Hall // 66 North 6th st
Cover: $10 //18+
Colt Open Bar 9pm - 10pm

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