Friday, January 22, 2010

Docker will be returning to the Super Bowl after being absence for Eight Years!

Dockers to advertise during Super Bowl.
The last time the had an ad during Super Bowl was back in 2002.
The ad will feature a 30 second spot, called "Men Without Pants".

"On Feb. 7, the apparel brand is breaking a new TV spot, which uses Shazam mobile technology to allow consumer interaction." ( source brandweek)

This sounds really cool.
I hope that I will get invite to a Super Bowl party to watch the game.

Khakis are coming our way as one of the latest trends for this year.
You will start seeing many stores that will carry khakis pants, leggings, and hopefully cute dresses as the weather gets warmer.

To read more about it ( Dockers and Shazam mobile technology),
click on link

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