Thursday, October 1, 2009

Now at Deitch

just rode by this on my way home - MADNESS!

October 01, 2009 — October 31, 2009
76 Grand Street, New York

Francine Spiegel presents seven new paintings and a suite of photographs from a secret performance piece for her debut solo exhibition at Deitch Projects. During the opening Francine will enact one of her messy, sloppy performances in the storefront gallery that visitors can view from the street, shielded form the flying fluids by the front window.

Francine is a young painter living in upstate New York whose overall oeuvre seeks what Barbara Creed terms the "monstrous feminine." Stitched together porno-Frankenstein style, the fragmented females depicted in her paintings are half-alive and half-dead, half-confused and half-horny. Built up from imagery stolen from monster magazines, horror films, or fetish websites, Spiegel's fantastically seductive hotties look like gory super-heroines. Their abject gazes attract and repel like soggy Medusas.

Francine Spiegel received her BFA from RISD in 1997 and has been featured in Mail Order Monsters, a traveling exhibition of monstrous figuration at Deitch Projects Summer 2008, and was included in Fractured Figure curated by Jeffrey Deitch for the DESTE Foundation, 2008. Her work is also featured in New York Minute at the MACRO FUTURE through November 2009.

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