Monday, December 13, 2010

How is the new TRON going to hold up?

any thoughts?

I watched the original for the first time tonight - wow, what a trip!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Last Circus - Alex de inglesia

OMG - This might be the most entertaining movie I've seen all season. I can't even try to explain what this movie is about and really it's probably better I don't....

Water spurts from artificial flowers, oversized mallets crash down on unsuspecting heads, children howl with laughter—when suddenly the circus is invaded by a troop of Spanish Republican soldiers. It’s 1937, and everybody, even clowns, must choose sides. Alex de la Iglesia’s audacious new film perceptively dismantles several myths of the Civil War while recounting—with his customary outrageous humor and startling visual wit—this tale of performers forced to become historical actors. Winner of the Silver Lion at this year’s Venice Film festival, as well as Best Screenplay.

Note: the Last Circus plays again this Wednesday at SPANISH CINEMA NOW at