Monday, June 30, 2008

Vanity Fair Summer Guide for New York 2008

This is a great guide from Vanity Fair that a friend forward to me.
I read on someone's blog site that  it was intended to be kept as a secret or given as a gift to certain companies to release in their offices internally.
However the guide got forward to everyone and their momma.
There is loads of information for what to do in New York City or the Hampton.
The guide includes concerts, best dining under the stars, and much more.
Chick on the link below and try a new place tonight.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lola y Maria Man Farm: Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas Fernández (born May 20, 1981 in Móstoles, Madrid) is a Spanish football goalkeeper. He is currently the first choice goalkeeper for Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. He is the captain of the Spanish national team, as well as one of the vice-captains of Real Madrid (wikepedia).Casillas is key player for Spain in today's Euro 2008 final against Germany.

Iker for Reebok

Iker Le Bon - no? he seem's be channeling Duran Duran here..

Trans Europe Express - Kraftwork

A little kudos to Germany before they get their ass whooped by Spain.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Os Gemeos In Too Far Too Close Opening at Deitch

June 28, 2008 — August 09, 2008
18 Wooster Street, New York

Os Gemeos (pronounced "ose zhe'-mee-ose.") are two artists from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo were born in 1974, identical twin brothers whose pseudonym, Os Gemeos, translates to "the twins" in Portuguese. In addition to their incredible works created on the streets of Sao Paulo, the twins have in recent years exhibited their art in museums all over the world.

In Too Far Too Close, they will be transforming the gallery into a fantastical cityscape with houses, doors, and passageways, all brought to life with their signature style of imagery. Building upon a group of artworks created for the Museum Het Domein in the Netherlands, this show features new paintings, sculpture, and installation bringing all the magical moments of their work together in one tightly knit dream world of an exhibition.

Our Saturday Picks

Friday, June 27, 2008

Richard Ruiz Sample Sale

Anel Verna Sample Sale

Anel Verna is one of our favorite new lines...we will be carrying it very soon at LYM. In the meantime, you can grab some of the labels ware this Friday at their Sample cute is this green dress!

About the Designer:

Born in the Dominican Republic, Anel Verna came to this world with her best friend, twin sister Verna Anel. Anel discovered her passion for fashion at an early age while playing with colorful threads and gorgeous fabrics at her mother's tailor shop in the Dominican Republic. In 1986 her family moved to the United States where the town of Haverhill, Massachusetts became their home. At the age of 15 years old, Anel began to nurture her talent and manifest her dream by sewing pieces for friends and family. A recipient of an award scholarship to the University of Massachusetts, Anel began to design and sell jewelry during her first year of school. Her desire to become a professional designer inspired her to take a leap of faith and give up her full scholarship and enroll at the Massachusetts College of Arts, where she financed her own education.While still in college, at the age of 20, Anel realized her dream and opened a shop with her mother Josefina and twin sister Verna, custom-making dresses and bridal gowns.In 1998, Anel graduated from Massachusetts College of Arts with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and Fashion Design. Shortly after, she began her love affair with tropical music and started to design for renowned Latino artists such as Sergio Vargas, Jose Alberto El Canario and La India. Anel Verna culminated this period of inspiration with designs for the legendary, Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz. In 2001, Anel Verna moved to fashion capital of the world, New York City, where she has designed creations for many Latina celebrities including Rosalyn Sanchez, of CBS’s hit TV show "Without a Trace". Currently, her focus is elegance and classic beauty. She has designed evening gowns for some of the world’s most beautiful women, including Miss Universe 2001, Denise Quinones, Miss Teen USA 2005, Allie La Force and Miss USA 2005, Chelsea Cooley. Anel Verna recently opened her second studio in New York at 262 West 38 Street, New York, New York. Throughout the years, Anel and twin sister Verna have entertained friends and family with their sumptuous table decorations and delicious cooking. Recently, Anel partnered with twin sister Verna and long-time friend Johanna M. Espinosa to form the Anel Verna Group Inc. The company includes clothing, home designs and media with a refreshing Latino flare. Anel Verna resides in New York with husband, Jose Raposo and her precious yorkie dog Lili.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New York's Largest Water Fight this Saturday.

I got an email from

One of the events that's going on this weekend is the Water fight this Saturday 1pm at

Central Park Sheep Meadow.

This sound like loads of fun. Just wear something that looks cute and bring your equipment such as SuperSoakers, waterballoons, water guns, etc.
For some additional information and rules:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A mini Colette store is coming to New York!

Colette is coming to NYC in Sept, for one month.
The mini shop will be at the Gap store on
Fifth Avenue at 54th Street. Dubbed "Colette x Gap," the shop,
Colette's first store in the U.S., will be open from
September 6 through October 5.

This is such great news; I love their website and the products that they carry.
It's said that they will have loads of collaborative product available for the new location.

For more information on the Colette go to the link below:

Visit Colette website:

Grace Jones performed at Meltdown, London !

Grace Jones one of our favorite people.

She performed at the Massive Attack's Meltdown at the Festival Hall, last week and received positive reviews from the sold-out show.

She acted her normal self by being 30 mins late and performed over two hours.

In the article from BBC they said that she was wearing massive high heels, a leather coat, with a huge feather on her head - combined with what looked like a pair of luminous Deeley boppers.

She told the crowd that her new album would be coming out in the Fall 2008.

She will be back performing again in the UK next month to headline the Secret Garden Party.

The Secret Garden Party in East Anglia will be on the weekend of July 24-27, tickets cost £125

To purchase tickets to this event, click on link below

To read the article about Ms. Jones show go to the link below:

Hump Night

if you haven't gotten your hump on before you should definitely go get it on tonight!

if you prefer to stay down down town, our favorite neigbors, SUGAR HEAD QUARTERS are sponsoring a party with Ill P at Delancey Bar.

The Floating Pool Lady will be open on Friday in the Barretto Point Park, Bronx

The pool will open this Friday until Labor Day.
The hours of operation will be from 11am to 7pm; Monday to Sunday.

For more information on how to get to the pool click below.

Also, for all the underage children ( 1 1/2 to 16 yrs), they are offering FREE swimming classes from 8am to 11am, Monday to Friday; but check ahead just incase the times have changed.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blade Runner at Tompkins Square Park This Wednesday 25th June.

This Wednesday Tompkins Sq. Park you can see Blade Runner.
The gates open at 6pm and the movie starts after sundown.

The park is located at East 10th Street, on the east by Avenue B, on the south by East 7th Street, and on the west by Avenue A. St. Marks Place abuts the park to the west.

For more information check out the website

If Blade Runner is not your cup of tea, the following week they will be showing
" The Big Lebowski"

Monday, June 23, 2008

3 more days till Tom Tom Club & Devo at McCarren

Tom Tom Club's "Genious of Love" - umm, love me some of that Bass

Sunday Best

Yesterday I woke up late and had to rush to save a spot at Les Enfants to see the Spain/Italy game. I was planning to post this invite but never got a chance.

Spain won!!!! Woot Woot and after about 4 or 5 caipirinhas ( lost count) I still managed to call New Day Car Service to send a car to pick up the 7 of us.. and there we went, trucking it to Gowanus to THE YARD. It was raining but the flyer said there was an indoor space to continue the dance party if needed.

We pulled up and it was pouring....I didn't see the indoor space but I did see Afrika Bambatta djing under a tarp. Somehow that got me over the idea that I was about to get drenched. Needless to say I had the best time and it was a perfect way to celebrate Spain's victory. We danced for about 3hrs straight. No more caipirinhas but they had some nice cold beer. I think there was also still bbq but I didn't see it. The sun did eventually come out, a little too late...but hey we didn't care. It was a fun hip hop hippy fest and the music was on hit.

I suggest if you can make it to the YARD this summer, do it!

Salvador Dalí: Painting and Film at the Moma from 29 June to 15 Sept. 2008

The Museum of Modern Art museum will be featuring paintings and films from Dali.

They will have over 130 pieces of art work.

The exhibit will be from 29 June to 15 Sept. 2008

Don't forget Target Friday Free evenings from 4pm to 8pm.

West 53 Street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues New York, NY 10019

(212) 708-940011

For more information check out the moma's website

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Naughty Toys Tank by Maria Lizaso

the print on this tank is so cute, and naughty at the same time....

Naughty Toys Tank by Maria Lizaso $38 - Available at Lola y Maria

EMG's Monthly Swap - June Issue

emg june!
saturday, june 21, 2008!
2-6 PM!
tribeca grand hotel (2 avenue of the americas)!!

get there early if you want any of this:

+Vintage swimsuits playsuits jumpsuits & bikinis $22-$52
+Adorable liberty print (and other) summer dresses and jumpers $20-$39
+White ladies tuxedo jacket $39
+Cute high waisted red cord shorts $32
+so many rompers!!! assorted colors!!! $20-45
+High waisted denim 70’s shorts $29
+Hysteric Glamour crazy bunny print spring light-cotton knit cardigan $33
++80's Marimekko-print tunic $30
++70's light blue sleeveless cotton jumpsuit- perfect for summer nights! $30
++Brown silk Chloe dress $79
++Gucci white spring Jacket $65
++80's Ungaro silky leggings/tank top ensemble
+Marc Jacobs brown pumps new sz 40.5 $65
+Marc Jacobs Spring blue wedge sandals sz 8.5 $45
+Ladies Chanel summer sandles, this year's collection 250
+80's mesh open-toe flats $20
+Jimmy Choo sandals sz 10 $110
+Manolo Blahnik summer flats $90
+Marc Jacobs rainbow wedges/espadrilles sz 10 $65
+Manolo lime/fuscia spring shoes sz 7.5 $125
+70's yellow wedges $25
vintage sunglasses! 70's dior, balenciaga, celine!!

Shopping on the West Side

For all our girls in Cali. Candice Held Boutique and Dalessio Gallery Presents a First Day of Summer Sale. Candace makes super cute dresses made out of silk scarves.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Opera in the Park

Time to spend some time going to dignified events like Opera - lol

Tonight you can get cozy under the stars and catch Metropolitan Opera Live in Prospect Park
Acclaimed singers Angela Gheorghiu and Roberto Alagna will together
perform some of opera's greatest hits. (Prospect Park Ballfield (Long
Meadow), 8pm, FREE)

It's Friday and I'm really hungover

But wait! Let me tell you... I read yesterday (prior to my debauchery) that Chocolate Milk is a good hangover cure and what do you know.... I'm standing on two and ready to peep out the Opening Ceremony Sale. Apparentely, the goods are on sale, up to 75%. It may already be too late (doors opened at 11am) but I feel like I still need to wait until I've had some tacos from La Esquina. I'm just taking additional precautions.

Other big Sample Sales going on today: APC (Soho). Expect some madness, it might not be worth it.

As for last expected, the VICE party was out of control and packed to the gills. I thought it was pretty fun and there was definitely lots of eye candy. We even saw Studio 54's Steven Rubell getting his party on. And in fact Santo's Party House reminds me a bit of a late 80's/early 90's Studio 54....

One Note: NOKIA sponsored the event and the pics the camera phone takes suck. I was kinda surprised. But hey, we weren't really there for the phones, were we?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

it's Thursday night

and word on the street is that the VICE party is at full capacity so expect a lot of drama and not to get in even if you rsvp'd a week ago...

However, not to fear...there is always a PLAN B:

Rob McDaniels - hip hop historian who hosts the coolest hip hop video show "The Bridge" is spinning at LIBATION on Ludlow.
Now, I have to admit I've never been to LIBATION...the sign scares me...feels like an Irish Fratboy Bar..but hey there is always a first and it might be worth baring for the music

Cheeky Bastard at HIRO

this looks like it could be fun. NickCatchDubs is awesome and Naive New Beaters are quite entertaining. Plus it's free and there will be free booze. RSVP on or

Mermaid Parade at Coney Island, Brooklyn - This Saturday 6/21 @ 2pm

The Mermaid Parade is held in celebration of the beginning of the summer season, and so it traditionally takes place on the Saturday closest to the calendar start of summer.

The Mermaid parade is well-known for extraordinary marine costumes, and for the occasional partial nudity. (This is not as surprising as it may sound, because it is legal in New York State for women to be topless in public, as long as this is not part of a business venture. I love this! )

The parade is however very much a family event; it is quite common for at least one little girl's birthday party to march as part of the parade. There are sections in the parade for vehicles of all kinds, for floats, for groups, and for individuals. Mermaids and sea creatures of every shape and size are represented, and the audience is festive and appreciative.

This event should be lots of fun;to get there just take the D,F,N,Q.

Coney Island
1000 Surf Avenue Brooklyn, NY

Who Wears Short Shorts?

we wear short shorts!

I just saw that old Nair commercial on VH1's I love the 70's.....

anyhow, it's time to get your funky shorts on and we have some favorites at LYM:

Maria Lizaso Yellow Tie Side Shorts $58

Maria Lizaso Navy Carousel Shorts $58

Love Brigade Shorts $158

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beautiful/Decay - Sample Sale in Los Angeles, CA

The Agenda showroom will be having their sample sale this Saturday from 10am to 3pm.
Everything is 50% to 80% off; shirts,hoodies,jackets, and books. The brands that are on sale: Beautiful/Decay, DCMA, and Fourth World.
The Agenda showroom is located at 645 N. Martel Avenue, Los Angeles 90036.
To visit their site:
PS: Free drinks and music at the event!

Afrika Bambaataa at the Husdon Hotel - See Him for Free on Monday June 30, 2008

Giant Step presents Afrika Bambaataa at Hudson (11 of 20)
Monday, June 30 2008, It's from 7pm to 11pm
New York City Hudson Hotels,
356 W 58th St.New York, NY 10019

For additional information:

RSVP asap: limited space.
one person per email:

Robbie Williams - What happen to the cute guy from Take That?

What is he wearing? Since he is living/visiting in LA, he should stay away from the burritos because he starting to look like one.

Kate Moss - A night out on the town in Istanbul,Turkey.

Kate stepped out in a sheer polka dot maxi dress and it looks like she is going commando .
Kate was at the opening of the exhibition of photographs by late fashion photographer Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, in the Turkish city of Istanbul, dressed in the ethnic influenced dress, which she accessorised with huge silver gypsy-style earrings, and a silver coin bracelet.

Mas Exitos

My friend in La La Land posted this party...looks like fun...I love the flyer

June 17
July 1, 15, 29
August 12, 26
September 9, 23

Mas Exitos: Is a bi-weekly event that traces the connections between the music made on both continents of the Americas. Think of it as a National Geographic documentary on sound that will take you from the Andes of Peru to the East Side of LA. From fuzzy cumbias, to funky jazz oddities, to psych freak outs and janky beats...

Selectors: Ganas, Enorbito, Chico Sonido, Hoseh, Lengua

at the Verdugo Bar
3408 Verdugo Road
Glassell Park, Los Angeles 90065

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rodriguez-Soltero's LUPE


***please note this is film is about Lupe Velez (above) but the famous mexican actress is actually played by travestite, Mario Montez.

LUPE is one of the best films from the New York underground, offering an ecstatic explosion of color, costume, music, camp performance, and complex superimpositions. Rodriguez-Soltero challenges the distinction between high and low culture, demonstrating an interest in popular and classical music, Hollywood gossip, Latin American and Hollywood icons, experimental and popular theater, television, art and underground cinema.

Wed Jun 18
7:30 pm
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Ave at 2nd St.
East Village
(212) 505-5181
F/V to 2nd Ave/Lower East Side
map it

Vice Live - Mexican Issue

love it - Colt45

Paris in VOOM

I have to admit she looks pretty cute here in VOOM's silk Parrot Tube Dress...

Playing the Building

check out this amazing installation inspired by David Byrne of the Talking Heads

Creative Time presents Playing the Building, a 9,000-square-foot, interactive, site-specific installation by renowned artist David Byrne. The artist transforms the interior of the landmark Battery Maritime Building in Lower Manhattan into a massive sound sculpture that all visitors are invited to sit and “play.” The project consists of a retrofitted antique organ, placed in the center of the building's cavernous second-floor gallery, that controls a series of devices attached to its structural features—metal beams, plumbing, electrical conduits, and heating and water pipes. These machines vibrate, strike, and blow across the building’s elements, triggering unique harmonics and producing finely tuned sounds.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weather Forecast - More Rain

Hence I suggest you pull out your raincoats and other rain gear...we suggest Maria Lizaso's Red Retro Raincoat (featured above) or Muju's (sort of) clear raincoat that comes with it's own carrying case.

Maria Lizaso Retro Raincoats

Maria Lizaso Animal Bomber

No Fur Here....

but I have to admit, I think this might be one of the craziest items we've had in the shop....It reminds me of something my mom would have made for me in the 4th grade - LOVE IT.....Maria Lizaso Bomber $76 at