Tuesday, April 29, 2008

spring is here!!!

and to celebrate we're going to have a party at the store with some bubbly and spring sweets!

Vashtie's Super Sweet 16

Vashtie has a thing for 1992..and if you do the math if she was born in 1992 (also one of my favorite years for hip hop) she would in fact be turning 16 this year. Anyhow, Vashtie and her partner Oscar put on an amazing party called 1992. It's really one of the best parties out there - usually they have it at R Bar. It completely takes me back to the golden era of hip hop: all the live shows (De la Soul, LOTNS, BDP, Ultra Magnetic MC'S) and great clubs like Home Base in NYC and Mr. Fives in SF. Anyhow, let me not date myself! I'm not a big fan of LOTUS but it's worth trucking uptown to the Meatpacking District for this birthday bash. Expect to hear all the classics but also all the osbcure stuff that most people slept on the first time. If I'm not too much of a grandma after Goldfrapp I will be there!

Santogold Performance at Union Square 14th Street

Check out this free performance before she becomes so famous you have to pay big dollars to see her in concert! I'll be honest, I was a bit dissapointed to see her spot used in a beer spot recently. But hey, if MIA can, why can't she and I'm sure she isn't making any money from her label.

From Going.com:Santogold is everywhere these days: now she's gonna blow the roof off of the Virgin Megastore in Union Square: for free! Ever since her infectious single, "LES Artistes," dropped (and accompanying bizarre art-fashion music video: YouTube it!), I've been one of many dying to see this girl in real life.

If you havn't checked her out yet, she mixes New Wave synths, Dub, and Hip Hop, and rocks some serious outfits. I'd put dollars down to bet she wiles out live.

Apparently, if you buy her CD at the store, you get a wristband for priority entry (whatever that means) to the meet and greet and the performance. Get there early.

Bud shows off how cooler they are..ha ha

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bye Bye Coachella

....now I don't have to ponder on whether or not to go.....And to be honest it's really terribly set up, the food sucks and unless you like the feeling of being quaratined (in order to drink) then I say save your money and fly to Spain or somewhere else in Europe this summer for more obscure under the radar bands, lots of booze and more debauchery we won't get into..

Photo by Brantley Gutierrez

Claire Sanchez

I like the mod lola bag and the new wristlet....shop CLAIRE SANCHEZ

Be My Icon: Catherine Deneuve

I first became aquainted with the french actress in the goth classic, THE HUNGER (where she co-stars with David Bowie and Susan Sarandon). She is the epitome of cool in this. I won't disclose too many details about this movie. Anyway, quickly I became obsessed and started renting her earlier films like Belle de Jour (where she plays a prostitute) and the Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

Aside from being a very good actress, CD is a true fashion icon..and she is still super chic at 65!

Designer Yves Saint Laurent's muse, he dressed her in the films Belle de Jour, La Chamade, La Sirène du Mississippi, Liza, and The Hunger.
Deneuve was the face of Chanel No. 5 in the seventies and caused sales of the perfume to soar in the United States – so much so that the American press, captivated by her charm, nominated her as the world's most elegant woman.
Her visage was used to symbolize Marianne, the national symbol of France, from 1985 to 1989.
In 1992, Deneuve became a model for Yves Saint Laurent's skincare line.
In 2001, Deneuve was chosen as the new face of L'Oréal Paris.
In 2006, Deneuve became the third inspiration for the M•A•C Beauty Icon series. Deneuve and Make-up Art Cosmetics closely collaborated on the colour collection that became available at M•A•C locations worldwide in February 2006.
In late 2007, Deneuve began appearing in the new Louis Vuitton luggage advertisements.

One thing I did not know about CD is that she once took a stab at singing and even put out a record....its very a la Grace Jones and I'm assuming it was done during the early 80's....highlights include a duet with Serge Gainsbourg....you can download it here...

Catherine Deneuve Musique

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Designers at Lola y Maria: Office Tramp

We are estatic to now be carrying Office Tramp at LYM.....we first found out about the label a year ago while surfing the web....the collection is even cuter in person......you are going to flip!

Office Tramp by Gina Valdez is collaboration between two college friends, Gina and Adriana, who became the quintessential "Office Tramps" after graduation and beginning their "professional careers." Apathetic about their 9 to 5's and bored of their standard mundane, blend in with the walls, work attire, Gina and Adriana began designing and making custom necklaces, earrings, and pins for themselves to reflect their approach to style and life: sassy, bold, and confident. With encouragement from friends, Office Tramp took their one of kind necklaces and approach to fashion to the public and began selling in boutiques in San Francisco. Discovering a true passion for design, Office Tramp by Gina Valdez has since evolved into a jewelry line designed to accessorize females who aren't afraid to mix glam with a little bit of humor, kitsch, and of course bling. Regardless of where she is in her career, the Office Tramp style is to NEVER BE BORING. An OT girl is slightly rebellious, plenty independent, and a whole lotta flashy. For the Office Tramp, great style means taking risks even if you incite office gossip.

Clive speaks about his work with Alfonso Cuaron

The Apple Store was pretty strict about taking pictures but it seems people were still able to take some footage....

Guillermo moves down Under..for a while

Guillermo del Toro ("Pan's Labyrinth") is slated to direct "The Hobbit" and its sequel. The director will move to New Zealand for four years to make the films with executive producer Peter Jackson. (Associated Press) If you don't know who Guillermo is he is the guy in the middle of this spanish director sandwich.

Photo of Alejandro González Iñárritu, Guillermo del Toro, and Alfonso Cuarón at the 79th Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Sunday, February 25, 2007.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday April! Baby Girl turns 24!

Look how cute you are! And look, with two cute outfits from the shop...I forgot about that crazy jumper from Vestite y Andate...I think you need to pull that thing out for this summer!

lola y maria picks for the Tribeca Film Festival


And there is more:

Art at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival
Sponsored by CHANEL

April 23 – May 1
The New School Kellen Gallery
at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center
66 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011

Each year, a group of acclaimed New York-based artists contributes original artwork that is exhibited during the Festival before serving as filmmaker awards for 13 winning directors. Stop by our gallery for a special exhibition of works by John Alexander, Ross Bleckner, Francesco Clemente, Renee Cox, Brandon d’Leo, Donna Ferrato, Ralph Gibson, Don Gummer, Stephen Hannock, Ryan McGinness, Clifford Ross, Timothy White, and O Zhang.

Manhattan Vintage Show

am I going crazy or is this thing happening like every other month????? so dangerous.....too many cute things!

regardless go check it out and make sure to stop by boutique TAHIR for a $5 off admission:

Spring has sprung and the time has come to put away your heavy wintery wardrobe and replenish your wears!
We have been criss-crossing the country collecting the very best in Vintage apparel just for you!
Also don't miss our discount rack of adorable summer dresses while they last! You'll find TAHIR at Booth 54

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Death to the Dress?

Thursday means fashion day at the New York Times and today's NYT article hinted at the pending doom of one of the most beloved articles of clothing - the dress. The dress comes in many shapes, sizes and speaks to sun/fun/all that is sacred.

I think of it as a standard but this gal at Elle has a kill mission.
“The eye is looking for something new, and so is the psyche,” Anne Slowey, the fashion news director of Elle magazine, said last week from the set of “Fashionista,” a new fashion reality show in which she will play herself, a fashion editor, only meaner. “The dress has been done to death,” Ms. Slowey added, “not to sound really cliché.”

It would be interesting to see what would replace it, what could? I think it is here to stay. I love the freedom of a dress even though I do prefer my thighs not to rub together. It sounds like Ms. Slowey is just salaciously trying to push her own show because the article indicates the dress is alive and well. They call 2007 the year of the dress with "sales of more than $5 billion in the 12 months that ended last April, and a rate of growth in dress sales fully 30 percent higher than the year before." Who knows but summer dresses are at the top of my wish list.

A few Sample Sales

Addicted to Acid Yellow

Yasmin Le Bon wearing House of Fraser

So I'm obsessed with acid (neon)yellow again. I picked up a Deborah Marquit neon lace bra at THE GOOD THE BAD & THE UGLY last week while shopping their spring sales event. I know I'm a bit late on this lingerie designer but that's not stopping me from wanting to buy all of these!!!!! This is the type of lingerie you don't mind popping out here and there, especially under a boring white tank or tee....

Daily Candy Lets the Cat out of the Bag

We were hoping no one would find out about Clive Owen's appearance at the SOHO Apple Store tomorrow at 6pm. Too late!!!! What are we going to do now!!!!!!!!
Anyone want to wait in line, in exchange for free clothes?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just in the Shop: Voom Voom

and perfect for this spring weather we are having....Silk Eden Babydoll Dress with braided straps ($238)! so fricken cute!

and Paris even looks cute in Voom's Bird Baby Doll, $138

Song of Day: Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus

This song is both sad and uplifting and I'm sure you feel like you've heard it before......

from Pyche-hq.de (they did a remake of the song in the 90's):

For the curious and collectors of this mysterious song here's what we are able to tell you about it and how it came to be re-recorded by Psyche. The original version was released in 1988 by the artist Q Lazzarus who is a black female vocalist from the USA.
Before she was discovered as a singer she worked as a taxi driver in New York.
The lyrics and music were written by William Garvey. UK guitarist Mark Barrett (In 1996 he performed with the electro project "Inertia") joined the band later with Q as the single was re-leased in a long version to capitalize on the success of the movie "Silence Of The Lambs". "Goodbye Horses" first officially appeared on the soundtrack to Jonathan Demme's film "Married To The Mob" in 1988.

"Goodbye Horses" was released as a single in 1991 together with the b-side song "White Lines" when it became more noticeably featured in Jonathan Demme's film "Silence Of The Lambs" as the background music to Buffalo Bill's self-admiring dance in front of his mirror. He even sings along to it ever so slightly. Here we have our stars searching the meaning of this all, while our psycho sews a new skin suit!

The meaning: In an Eastern philosophy "horses" are symbolic/representative of the 5 senses - the things that keep us tied to the physical/material plane of existence. When you can transcend the limitations of these senses and achieve a higher level of consciousness, you are leaving the "horses" behind - "flying over them." The song is about someone who was so affected by (A loss? A breakup?) they decide to give up the things that keep them tied to this world by emotion.

The above video/music clip of the song was made by Jessica Janos. Found it on YouTube!

Do you want...

Obama may have lost in PA and this poster by OBEY may already be sold out but there is still a chance for PROGRESS

Cecilia Debucourt Sample Sale

hey girls..a private sample sale TODAY, Wednesday from 7pm to 9 pm

Spring/Summer collection items at wholesale prices! (50%-70% off retail prices)



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Goldfrapp at the Beacon: April 29th

Dear Alison takes peacock feathers to a whole other level. I'm so excited for her upcoming NYC show next week at the Beacon. LYM has an extra ticket for sale if anyone is looking to catch this performance: $40, Lower Balcony. She and her partner Will Gregory put on a good show. I've loved her since FELT MOUNTAIN (circa 2001) and I was lucky to see her open up for Duran Duran at Wembley in 2004! She shocked most of the duranies with her gold sequin top, thigh high boots and a horse tail. No joke! HOT HOT HOT!

Speaking of her horse fetish:

And this one is even naughtier! Warning! Who needs Madonna when you have GOLDFRAPP! Great Song...too bad she sold it for a TV spot!

I'm Good I'm Gone Playlist

compliments of Tin Tin Americain's Blog - some really great tracks here. I especially like Shantel, Black Kids and Lykke Li. Thanks for sharing Michael!

I'm Good I'm Gone

All Aboard the Coachella Train

To RSVP, go to:

whoa! which girl are you?

one girl's love for bronzer is another girl's love for pure powder.....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Gary Numan: Down in the Park

this song is so bad ass....it's RUSH meets DARK WAVE SYNTH.....from Tubeway Park, Gary Numan's band before he left to go solo..

Why we love Ebay: Interview Mag '75 Bianca Jagger

This baby is so fragile...I was almost afraid to open it up. It's so old (33 yrs) and it's paper baby.

Aside from the coolest cover ever (I'm assuming Andy Warhol did it), it features an 8 page article, titled "The Bianca Tapes". Andy Warhol and Bob Cocello (Studio 54 owner) follow Bianca from Halston's Studio to the White House. At Halston's they have high tea with Martha Graham while Bianca trys on cute outfits from Halston. Later, a super sexy photo shoot, taken inside the White House...At the Oval Office, Bianca interviews a very handsome Jack Ford (son of then President Ford) and vice versa. They talk about everything from The Rolling Stones, to fashion (how great brown and gold look together) and Politics. They drink vodka drinks throughout the shoot-slash interview. More than a Fashion Icon/Rock Star Wife this girl is all about the POLITICS. She goes on and on....I was really impressed. Hands down she proves she's not just a pretty face. I may risk ruining this gem so I can scan this to share....to die for!

Yelle Returns

....I can't wait to pick out a fun outfit...


France's Yelle is back in New York - this time with a full live show at Highline Ballroom.

Also with them on the bill are the buzzworthy HEARTSREVOLUTION (playing live) plus DJs Lauren Flax, Finger on the pulse and Alex English.

Highline Ballroom: 431 W 16th St
New York, NY 10011
between 9th and 10th Aves.
(212) 414-5994...
Doors 11pm
18+ w/ID.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mark your Calendar: Earth Day is April 22nd

Tuesday April 22nd is Earth Day! Respect!

Some of our new in store favorite "eco" faves from SHE BIBLE:

Sunhat, in organic cotton $64

Regina Cardigan - Available in Black or Cream $88

Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Available in Black $150

Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Sample Sales - for the Boys

Cordially invites you to their Spring Summer 2008 Sample Sale. Handsome discounts will be extended on a healthy stock of premium American denim jeans, vests, and jackets. Black leather jackets, motorcycle vests and of course: pants. Suiting is also well stocked for the more classically inclined folks of downtown with simply the sleekest black summer slim cuts around. Seersucker variations also on hand. Additionally featuring the beautifully hand crafted classic accessories of
Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons
Saturday, April 19th
Noon - 8pm
119 Ludlow Street / Lower Level

EMG's Monthly Swap

april examples:

this month we’ll have 2 jewelry designers joining us:
Dirty Librarian Chains http://www.dirtylibrarianchains.com/
and Oath http://www.oathnyc.com/

plus! hottt men’s items below! and more to come...

here's a few of our other examples-
Vintage swimsuits, playsuits, jumpsuits, bikinis $39-$52
Tie Dye Romper- totally rad! $40
White Tuxedo jacket $39
Sweet acid wash high waisted shorts $35
80's silk animal print track jackets- rrrrrrrrrr! $25-35

assorted color spring rompers $25-52!!
Leather xs jacket supercool $49
Gucci white spring Jacket $65
Spring dresses and jumpers $29-$39
bright pink spring flats $20
Marc Jacobs brown pumps new $65

Marc Jacobs Spring blue wedge sandals $45
Jimmy Choo sandals $110
70's yellow wedges! $30
Marc Jacobs rainbow wedges/espadrilles $65
Manolo lime/fuscia spring shoes $125

Vintage moccasin lace up boots brown $45
Vintage moccasin lace up boots black $45
Riding boots $49
Lace up flat boots LAREDO style different sizes $42

***For the guys***

Men's Commes des Garcons jeans $50
Men's Prada pants $50
Men's Miu Miu shoes $30
Men's Prada hooded wool coat $200
Lanvin Polo $39

YSL and Dior spring button down shirts $32-$39
Seersucker Blazer $32
Gucci spring denim jacket $49
Balenciaga T-Shirt $39

Warrant T-Shirt $40
Gucci Loafers $49
Beat up Lacer Boots sz 11 $45

Here are some scores from last month's event

Summer Block Jumper

1980's African Print Party Dress